How to Start Raising Rabbits for Profit

The rabbit is not as popular an animal in the household as dogs, goats, and pigs because they have much less meat. But the price of these animals is high enough to make you think …

Raising Rabbits for Profit

The rabbit is not as popular an animal in the household as dogs, goats, and pigs because they have much less meat.

But the price of these animals is high enough to make you think about breeding them. And when they leave, they are not as bizarre as it may seem at first glance.

First, you must choose a breed because not all rabbits are suitable for meat breeding.

In fact, many people deal with rabbit breeding because of their beautiful fur, which is used to decorate clothes and accessories.

Well, if there are well-known rabbit breeders who can share the offspring of their animals. Otherwise, you will have to find a suitable breed yourself.

Next, you must prepare a place for rabbits and take care of food and vitamins.

The current ecology does not allow us to do without good food because animals like humans are sick.

It is better to pay attention in advance to which vitamins and at what age it is better to give them and where to get them.

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Which rabbit breeds are suitable for meat breeding?

Several popular breeds are best suited for home breeding. They have the characteristics that are especially important for breeding rabbits for meat.

New Zealand rabbit

For rabbits with rapid growth and mass gain, a sufficiently large number of offspring, and good adult weight, the New Zealand rabbit is a good breed.

According to Farmpally, the New Zealand white rabbit carries 7 to 12 babies in one round. 

In just three months, the baby’s weight reaches three kilograms, and an adult animal can weigh about 5 kg. 

New Zealand red rabbits have the same growth parameters, but babies in offspring are usually no more than nine.

Individuals of the giant breed can weigh up to 14 kilograms, but the average weight is between 7 and 9 kilograms. However, the rabbit breed with the big names White and Grey Giants does not differ in such large sizes and rarely grows over 7 kilograms. However, they adapt perfectly to the climate and do not require special care.

One female Californian rabbit produces 30-35 young per year. In addition, they have a fairly dense and thick coat that can be used in haberdashery. 

However, their average weight is no more than five kilograms. A French ram has the exact characteristics of size and fertility.

The meat breeds of rabbits are characterised by the special structure of the legs onto which the pads are lowered. This allows them to move comfortably on the mesh floors.

Early puberty enables these rabbits to increase their numbers quickly, and rapid growth ensures a quick return on investment.

Rabbit Corral Device

These animals can be kept both in closed stables and in individual cages. They tolerate a moderate climate perfectly. 

When you arrange a closed rabbit, you have to calculate how many animals are in a pen because infections spread quickly in crowded areas, and rabbits grow poorly.

Rabbit paddock

It would be good to have a separate room where you could drive the rabbits to clean the paddock quietly. 

It is also necessary to ensure a constant flow of fresh air and sunlight penetration.

In the warmer months, rabbits can be kept in cages. In winter, however, individual cells should be insulated. 

A metal grid basement is not recommended as rabbits often develop sub-dermatitis. It is better to make the floor from wooden slats with a small gap so that no animal waste products accumulate in the cage. 

You also need to fix the trays for water and food wells to allow free access to them from outside. For example, double doors should be made to allow food to be spread easily.

Young animals are kept together with the rabbit until a certain age; therefore, cages for planting mature animals must be available. 

Young people are more active, so the corrals should be freer. If pregnant females are found, they should be planted immediately and not wait for the birth of rabbits.